No Valentine’s Day over here!

No red roses, chocolate, sappy cards or creepy teddy bears will be coming my way as somehow I managed to land a man who as all the stars would align and have it, happens to be be born on the day. Yep! Today, February 14th aka Valentine’s Day is my husband’s birthday so you know what is my Valentine’s Day portion…


From the very beginning of our ‘not so platonic anymore’ relationship I recognised my husband’s main love language: Words of Affirmation. When he is ready he could talk and make you feel like a million dollars or at least entice you to head by the lotto booth with all the confidence in the world. He could sell a fish water by the gallon (real chain up ting* wit he!). It was quite amusing and charming even though I saw clearly through his shenanigans because I operated with logic as my ally (not to mention my love language is Acts of Service so the opposition was stark).

I let him do his thing and expertly use romance as his weapon. He always used to declare his expertise in being a ‘love man’ and boy did I know because I was always somewhere between a grin and an eyeroll in having to deal with this man…to this very, blessed day. So when I realised he wasn’t joking when he said early up that his birthday was on Valentine’s Day (proven by government documents) and thus the only thing to be celebrated on February 14th, I understood that (in Trini parlance) I going and get realllll leave out with this Hallmark holiday.

Admittedly this used to bother me, like pal, I know is yuh birthday and everything eh but ONE chocolate or one rose or something cyah pass my way? Jahhhh boy.

Here’s the thing though, irrespective of the international declaration for the day, he does go all out to make me feel like every day is Valentine’s Day because of his very nature and that is something that I have grown very accustomed and comfortable with. Recently, he told a client who offered to buy that he loves sushi and proudly told me and brought it home (he doh like it at all, at all and still wonders why humans eat raw fish……oh well, more for me). When he goes on his Superpharm ice cream night run, he will buy two pints disregarding the fact that I indicated that I am of off sugar because my thighs are rolling thunder but not caring knowing fully well that I will gladly partake guilt free and to add, tells the gremlinz “daiz not allyuh own eh, daiz fuh yuh mother”. Ting to cry happy tears.

I am trying to keep this short so I will not go into all the ways that he fulfills the ‘every day is Valentine’s Day’ cliche, but in my case it is fact. I don’t disregard Valentine’s Day, I appreciate and value the sentiment and meaning behind it and I celebrate it with the gremlinz. I just don’t trip off when I don’t materially get anything on the day because of the fulfillment that I generally.

So here’s to a beautifully blessed birthday to my hubby! I love you babe even when you are annoying AF and I hope you know that. Keep being the very best of you!

He’s going to scrutinize this pic and then tell me I should have picked a “better” one but am I going to care?…………..Nope!
(This is one of my favourites pal, ease meh up).



*”chain up” – When someone is trying to convince you to do something that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider, in Trinidad we say the person is trying to “chain you up”.


4 thoughts on “No Valentine’s Day over here!

  1. Omg my guess was right! I had a feeling it was your husband’s birthday lol. Tell him I said happy birthday and I’m wishing both of you a happy valentine’s day as well.

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