I let A.I. write my blog.

Like everybody else I have been playing around with Artificial Intelligence to see how best it would serve me as a tool. I am in awe with what people on the interwebs are coming up with each day with given prompts and re-imaginings, real mind-blowing stuff using the different programs and apps out there.

Look ah Trini Mom in D Middle
A.I. nuh easy! (brows on point tho)

Now OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a really a thing to behold. It is a powerful A.I. program that serves an undeniable purpose in a Q and A format, so you could ask it literally anything and get an answer. Lesson plans on any topic with relevant online/digital resources included? On behalf of laziness and procrastination I am extremely grateful. Recipes based on whatever remain in my fridge and cupboard? Yes please. Words for presentations on specific topics that I can just edit and add fancy slides? Well done. Take meh money.

In the my field of Education naturally there is some worry as you know we teach these GenZ youths who love fast food and shortcuts. ChatGPT etc. could be used to do the hard work, essays, calculations and the like. However, as a modern language teacher who has to keep braying to dem chirren NOT to use Google translate, dis eh nothing new. We been here already! Allyuh other teachers will get accustom. Doh worry.

Ok so taking into consideration my blog and my niche, I decided to give the app a lil task with the following prompt: Use Trinidad creole language to discuss the state of motherhood in Trinidad and Tobago.

This is what it came up with:

Muddahs Holdin’ it Down

Ah, meh pardna, leh we talk ’bout de state ah motherhood in Trinidad and Tobago, nah.

Firs’ ting firs’, yuh know Trinidad an’ Tobago have a long history ah muddahs raisin’ dey children on dey own. Many times, de faddahs gone an’ leave de muddahs to fend fuh deyself an’ dey pickney. So, it ain’t easy, yuh know. Dem muddahs have to hustle hard, workin’ multiple jobs an’ makin’ sacrifices to provide fuh dey children.

But dat ain’t de only challenge, yuh see. De society we livin’ in, it ain’t always easy fuh muddahs to get de support an’ respect dey deserve. Some people still see muddahs as second-class citizens, as if dey ain’t doin’ real work by raisin’ de nex’ generation. Dat kind ah ting can make it harder fuh muddahs to get good jobs, or to be taken seriously in de workplace.

But we do have some bright spots, yuh know. We have plenty ah strong, independent muddahs who are holdin’ it down fuh dey pickney. An’ we have some programs an’ services dat can help muddahs get de support dey need, like child care assistance or job trainin’ programs. We still have a long way to go, but we’re makin’ progress.

At de end ah de day, we have to recognize de important role dat muddahs play in our society. Dey are de backbone of our families an’ our communities, an’ we need to give dem de respect an’ support dey deserve. So, big up to all de muddahs out dey, doin’ dey ting an’ makin’ de world a better place fuh dey pickney!

Real heavy on the Paul Keens-Douglas though. I was impressed.

Of course while it presented an excellent discussion, I know that it cannot replace my style or my voice in my writing so I can’t see myself using it to blog for me. It might be easier for others. Now would I use it to ideate certain concepts? It depends on what I have swimming in my head that I may need fleshed out. When it comes to my blogging however, it will continue to be all me when you read. I can’t see A.I. taking over as my ghostwriter working pro bono. Not my thing.

So what about you? Have you dabbled in A.I. yet? What yuh think so far? Just a phase we going through or we in d middle of world domination? Let me know in the comments!




5 thoughts on “I let A.I. write my blog.

  1. After reading this, I’m curious to see how it’ll work for me as well. I’ll give it a try. However, don’t let AI write your blog posts, it doesn’t have that pull you have when you write.

    1. Yeah that was the idea, plain curiosity. I’ve seen the discussion with A.I. and blogging but I know for sure it’s not for me. My unique writing style is my draw. Some of those A.I. pics are fire😍 though but I know my artist peeps have the same argument.

  2. 🤔 Yes, I have dabbled in Artificial Intelligence. I have an OpenAI account.

    Currently, ChatGPT is not at a stage where it can write blog posts for me; I have a very unique style of writing.

    I prefer to write my blog posts the old-fashioned way; which is via the usage of my brain power.

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