Christmas Snacking (with a twist) (Blogmas#3)

Mawnin mawnin! I could have written the conventional post about the many Christmas snacks I enjoy, giving recommendations, tips and recipes but you know me….lemme add a lil bacchanal in de mix. This post is about a few Christmas nibbles I MUST have in my zone during the season……with a twist. In life you mustContinue reading “Christmas Snacking (with a twist) (Blogmas#3)”

Joy in Expectation (Blogmas#2)

As much as I say I am scaling down on Christmas because of the current global situation and all its pancreatic* glory, I find myself, not doing the most but considering myself having ‘band meh belly’ so hard throughout the year, that I think I deserve a little niceness. The thing is, all my nicenessContinue reading “Joy in Expectation (Blogmas#2)”

Advent Calendar things (Blogmas#1)

Mawnin, mawnin! Welcome back to my Blogmas 2021! When I was considering taking up the Blogmas challenge I knew instantly that I would not have been able to do 24 straight days. That would have been a recipe for failure before I even began properly. I applaud those who can and I’m good with twelveContinue reading “Advent Calendar things (Blogmas#1)”