Gratitude is always in season (Blogmas #11)

This Christmas holiday season closes off a year that focused heavily on reflection and purpose and for me as I know for many others, gratitude is a must. Here are some of the reasons that I am grateful for 2021. I am grateful to be alive during a time where a microscopic organism is wipingContinue reading “Gratitude is always in season (Blogmas #11)”

Four Christmas anti-Traditions (Blogmas #7)

Mawnin mawnin! T’is the season for traditions and if it is one thing that Trinbagonians have is a world of traditions , some of which make sense and some we just do for doing it sake. I usually go with the grain but here are four ways that I just do my own thing withContinue reading “Four Christmas anti-Traditions (Blogmas #7)”

Be an earlybird! (A Christmas throwback..) (Blogmas#4)

I wanted to write a post about how I usually attack my Christmas preparations and then I realized I wrote one already, click to read here first. Not much has changed, I am still an earlybird, or try to be, but I am not as MANIC as I used to be about getting everything perfectContinue reading “Be an earlybird! (A Christmas throwback..) (Blogmas#4)”