It is only Tuesday…

This wasn’t my next planned post but when the inspiration hits…. Now have you ever seen this viral moment? Picture me as Diddy and #gremlin3 as Elijah Connor (complete with the naughty grin) in the ultimate staredown this morning over the word RAT. Watch it again. Of the short list of three-letter phonic words thatContinue reading “It is only Tuesday…”

Mother’s Day V.2020

This Mother’s Day sure hits different. I had NO idea Mother’s Day was today, only coming to this realization on Friday gone. I saw all the marketing on tv and social media but I just thought they were getting it in early to recoup Corona losses. I did wonder why my Boyo’s teacher was pushingContinue reading “Mother’s Day V.2020”

About Grandparents

Grandparents are strange creatures. I say this purely from a perspective of observing them in my role as the bridge between them and the grandchildren and when I say strange I mean howww is this sharp 180 possible from you being one type of human as my parent to being another type of human asContinue reading “About Grandparents”