Listen dis….


I’ve been known to have my own version of  Carpool Karaoke with the gremz in the short distance between school and home depending on what I’m listening to. Admittedly they are very exposed to all different kinds of music but they had never heard a particular song from one of my favourite artistes. This song by Chronixx was playing so I sang the chorus of the song very clearly for them and then I waited for the 21st century commentary which I knew for sure was to follow…..

  • Mam’zelle: This song makes no sense
  • Son-son:    How you mean? Of course it makes sense!
  • Mam’zelle: “If I were you I woulda sell my gun”……..but who I selling my gun to?
  • Son-son:    Somebody else so you could buy food and drive a taxi and make an honest living…
  • Mam’zelle: But theeeen that person would probably go and rob and shoot somebody with myyyyy gun duhhhhh
  • Son-son:    Well then sell it to the police?
  • Mam’zelle: For dem to lock me up for having a gun? No thanks…
  • Son-son:    Oh I know! We could melt it down and make something from it…
  • Mam’zelle: Yeah we could make a sword…..
  • Son-son:    We don’t have enough metal….
  • Mam’zelle: Steups, look  I throwing away this gun yes…
  • Son-son:   That’s the point! Is not a real gun yunno…

I am not upset that my gremz are talking about guns, like I said 21st century commentary. I tend to listen in on how they craft their logic and I’m usually pleased on how the trains of thought chug along. Critical thinking is a must in my household. Chronixx is as conscious an artiste as they get but I never actually thought about who Chronixx would sell the gun to. I just found it noble the message “yuh cyah be bad and hungry”, not the mention the kick ass beat and of course his lyricism. But simple lesson learnt: Even if you hear something with a message, you’d do well to analyze it and the message as well.

Bless up


Leave de people zaboca!

My neighbour has a huge avocado tree.


“Avocado = Zaboca”

From the beginning of the zaboca season I have been peering out my louvres watching with anticipation as like the years before this, many a fruit lean over on my side of the fence. In this age of Facebook Tasty videos and Pinterest recipes, I eagerly began to concoct many uses for said zaboca when they land on my kitchen counter.

And so it came to pass that the fruit on my side became full. My mother came to visit, reminded me that when the skin looks dull you pick it,  then proceeded to make her way off with one. My husband was repeatedly harassed to pick the high ones. My older sister appeared, did her thing and promised to return. Meanwhile I had zaboca wrapped in newspaper and with gremlinz disliking and husband eating when he felt like it, I eventually enjoyed with bake, pelau, toast, tuna and even by itself. I considered it a luxury. A zaboca is at least $20 anywhere you go yuh know!

Anyway enter my 7-year old Mam’zelle…..

One random afternoon: “Mummy, you know that pear thing?…….I think you should stop stealing it…:”. Me: “‘scuse???”.

What followed was a confirmation that it was indeed the zaboca she was talking about, that I shouldn’t steal it because it’s not mine and that the tree isn’t growing on my side so I mustn’t take it. You can well imagine the mix of emotions, from ‘ay ay, just so?’ (*confusion), to ‘papa!’ (*pride), to ‘daiz not true’ (*denial) to ‘oh gorm ariite nah’ (*shame/resignation). To be honest I wasn’t feeling too shame nah! 😀 but obviously I knew what she was saying. I keep talking to her and Son-son about these things and it is refreshing to know that the repetitiveness and the preaching about morals and values stick. I just didn’t expect it to backfire on me! Ha ha! Lesson learnt.

So what did I say? Well I tried to worm my way out of it and told her that the neighbours didn’t mind, we have an understanding over the years. I wouldn’t feel any which way if I saw my neighbours picking mangoes from my ginormous tree, it’s not like I can get them across there anyway. She said I must still go across with my bag and ask. I compared it to the plum tree that drops plums all over. She defended and said the zaboca didn’t ‘drop’ and that I was picking it. “But it on my siiiiiide!!” I protested. She said that it didn’t make it right and when I picked them I was supposed to put it back over the fence…..(fat chance of that happening…..$20 for one eh!!). I did relent and say that I would stop picking them (but I’m taking them when they fall!).

I guess I never stepped back to visualise how it would look to her but I’m super glad that she’s so observant and capable of making independent conclusions. I must be doing something right even though in her eyes I wasn’t perfect at that moment. I’m glad she was able to call me out on it too but she was always fearless and defiant in her own way which can be admittedly frustrating at times.

In the mean time anyone fancy some guacamole for dinner with me tonight?

Bless up