80464938_a7c0cd602cMaterial used to start a fire or consequence of withdrawal symptoms felt after substance abuse, both adaptable to  how I feel about reading.

For as long as I know myself I have been an avid reader. My younger sister and I have spent hours into days pouring over novels, magazines and comics relentlessly. I remember back in the day when going to Long Circular Mall and West Mall was like a field trip, we used to make a bee line straight to R.I.K. which was THE bookstore in Trinidad at that time. Mummy used to give us a limit and we would agonize over which to select, trying to strategically ensure that we got the best out of the purchase.

I used to revel in the escape from the ordinary especially provided by Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Mysteries and in my later years, Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club among others.  That need for escape is probably also why I love travelling (or thinking about travelling and spending countless hours on Pinterest macoing, aka minding other peoples’ business). So yesterday when I was at a bookstore and I saw the Enid Blyton’s laid out in a row, I was almost moved to tears as my moments of happy solitude in these books came rushing back. Sadly they did not have my all-time favourites:









Can you imagine visiting a Faraway Tree filled with magical creatures and at the very top in the clouds you can go to a different land and you only know what land it is when you get there, whether good or bad? Supreme for a young, curious mind!!! If this were reality, I would do it in a heartbeat and I think at a young age I was slightly jealous of those fictional intruders with their ability to go on adventure after adventure but oh how I loved it!

When I received a gift of a Kindle Fire a couple of years ago, I exploded with joy and my status as bibliophile and indeed, bookworm was properly cemented. Now I could have hundreds of books waiting on me to be voraciously read! Now I could read at night in the dark! Now I could keep the top notch bestsellers and classics without having to wonder how many more boxes I need for storage! 😀 😀 😀 My husband didn’t get it and the gremlinz, worse yet. They like to read but don’t loooove it.  They greatly enjoy the adventures of a certain Wimpy Kid and his diary though. I’m grateful.

I’m currently settling into the third book of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire epic. I’m also reading Kate Atkinson’s ‘Life after Life’ and I’m gearing up for Paulo Coehlo’s ‘Adultery’. Three books at the same time. Don’t judge me. Yes, the only caveat to Kindling my fire is distraction by other titles, pure greediness and the need to go back to original paperbacks and the smell of the ‘new book’. I know there are others among you who get this. So very soon I will be launching a Kickstarter for the acquisition of this baby right here:


Ahhh, simple joys! 😀

Bless up






This is no lie…….

It’s been a week since school has closed, two weeks since preparing for graduation and submitting end of term stuff and three weeks since praying for school to close. Here I am thankfully. I have been vegetating for the past week, resting to the point where Mam’zelle has to check on me every so often  to make sure I’m not comatose. The good thing is that I will get up early and ensure place is tidy and meals are prepared, so by 11 o clock, I’m laying on my bed doing absolutely nothing to the complete best of my ability. This morning my husband was annoyed because I was under covers while he had to haul ass to work… the pouring rain…..while the room was so cozy…tut tut….:D

So while vegetating, I’ve managed to get up to date on Orange is the New Black (Netflix is like the new HBO!!!), movies I’ve had stored and finally watched, finished two books and setting up myself nicely to complete the Game of Thrones epic. I’ve been checking in on social media primarily for the World Cup games ESPECIALLY as my team made it to the final (ARGENTINAAAA!!!) and spending countless hours on my favourite apps and games without feeling any guilt whatsoever….in the meantime the gremz could watch tv and play video games to the heart’s content.

Now, it’s only been a week and in the absence of me sending them to vacation camp this is how it went down and it will likely continue into next week. Why? Because I owe it to myself. I’ve been bitching and complaining to myself and coworkers willing to hear about how much I just want to be off the road and just home by myself doing nothing guiltlessly and them days have finally come! The ‘by myself’ part…not so much.


Now at a glance there are so many Facebook pages and websites specifically catering to moms with children at home, screaming about 10 million summer camps to choose from!, activities for the kids!, take them here, there and everywhere!….ahm………it’s too damn early, check me towards the end of July please. The gremz have more than enough physical space, toys, books, craft stuff, options on tv and games to keep them company and if they need a referee I’m available as far as my lungs can carry. Does this make me the lazy mom? Absolutely! Give me that crown I’ll wear it! Why?

Society has a tendency to judge me and those like me based on how well I balance raising functional children (home) and ensuring that I produce functional adults (work). At some point this human being needs a break, so if I choose not to conform to what I should be doing since I should be damn-grateful-I-have-two-months-free-vacation, so be it. I choose not to go anywhere! I choose NOT to be up and down on the road from home to summer camp! I choose to laugh when I see a spider-web forming in the side mirror of my car! I choose to lay in bed and have the gremz sit and talk nonsense for an hour or so! Give me wi-fi or give me sleep!

However if I do choose to leave the confines of my castle, it needs to be kid-free, involve some percentage of alcohol and if necessary, football games ad nauseum. That’s my vacation therapy at least until I get cabin-fever in a few weeks and then maybe I’ll conform to the ‘norm’ ;D

Bless up


Mom In D Middle Fitness

Carnival ended a while back and with it ended my dedication to a set fitness regime. I love the gym but I have no patience for the gym-rats and especially at Carnival time where everybody swallows the same pill to get the same magical result. Their on-season is my off-season so like my church on Christmas Eve or a  New Years Eve, I happily give up my place for another. It’s now on-season for me again but somehow I can’t find back myself. They say the hardest thing is to press reset right?

Yesterday afternoon husby was home to watch the gremlinz so I decided to go for a run. By “run” I mean walk very fast to give the illusion that I am running. I really wish I could run though, people who run 5Ks make me nervous. I even placed a half-marathon on my bucket list! One day…. Anyway, at the savannah in my neighbourhood,  this elderly gentleman who kept running past me over and over drenched with sweat gave me the resolve to again get in the game. I don’t know if it was inspiration or pure unadulterated shame but I’ve decided to restart my fitness regime.

Now I don’t want to lose a setta weight eh. I just need a decent sweat once a day to keep the body inna order and to keep the health in check. Mommies hadda look sexy right? 😉 But because of my responsibilities and the fact that I can hardly carve out an hour for myself on a weekday afternoon/evening/night, I have decided to create a home gym. Now the definition of gym here is used very loosely as it technically consists of a table, a mat, (2) 5-pound weights and a laptop chock full of exercise videos from the internet thanks to the fine folks at YouTube. Voila!20140514_185458


I landed upon a YouTube channel BeFit which has so many top shelf exercise videos across the span of workouts from Jillian Michaels to Billy Blanks to Jane Fonda! So I figure I will (try to) get up early some mornings before I get ready for work and do some yoga, some core in the evening, lower body one day and upper body another day, mix it up a bit. I’m starting slow but increasing stamina and strength and all from the comfort of my living room so I have ZERO excuse. Peep the yoga video here:

Maybe for whatever reason you find it hard to get out and exercise, take a look through the YouTube channel and you may see something you like. You can save videos to your device using sites like for a starter and once you get in the groove, you can amp it up to suit you.  I still plan to try to run. I want to see if I can actually make the whole rounds of the savannah, but when I move from “walk fast” to jog, we’ll see how that turns out.  Maybe I will eventually catch up to Pops and pass him straight, who knows? I sure as hell won’t be holding my breath.

Bless up