40 trips around the sun

One more time for the people in the back!… I am the good, wholesome, round number 40 today, and I have been awaiting this day since I turned 39 last year. Praise God I made it! Seriously…..the way things are going…..praise God! I am embracing the adjective ‘fabulous’ which mankind seems to place hand inContinue reading “40 trips around the sun”

Could I just shower in peace?

When gremlinz 1 and 2 were younger and gremlin 3 didn’t exist as yet, they made it a glorious habit to bother me as soon as I walked in the bathroom and close the door. Every mother has gone through this at least 47 ¾ times and it is one of the most IRRITATING thingsContinue reading “Could I just shower in peace?”

Fighting Fear and Finding Faith

So finally! Ta-daaaa!!! I embarked on the revamp of my identity/blog/socials that I have been putting off for about six months (yes, ah stick for 6 whole calendar months) and it’s finally here! Welcome to the new look Trini Mom in the Middle, complete with a banging logo, a cleaner look and something I’m reallyContinue reading “Fighting Fear and Finding Faith”