Seven whole years

Do you know what today is? It’s my bloggerversaryyyy! (*Cue Babyface singing in the background, if we can’t book him cue marching band and confetti….and dancing.) Today April 13th 2021 makes it seven whole calendar years since I have been a blogger and since culturally, historically numerically, biblically and psychologically the number 7 signifies completeness,Continue reading “Seven whole years”

It is only Tuesday…

This wasn’t my next planned post but when the inspiration hits…. Now have you ever seen this viral moment? Picture me as Diddy and #gremlin3 as Elijah Connor (complete with the naughty grin) in the ultimate staredown this morning over the word RAT. Watch it again. Of the short list of three-letter phonic words thatContinue reading “It is only Tuesday…”