Back in the Saddle


So my at home fitness plan isn’t going as well as expected. 😦 It wasn’t totally my fault but I admit I was derailed by laziness and end-of the month eating shenanigans which included outings, a wedding reception and my own wedding anniversary which brought its own version of calories, carbs and fat in the form of a guiltless,well-deserved Italian dinner. My mom was measuring me the other day to sew some work clothes and I (secretly) balked when she wrote down the sizings. Not to mention  pair of pants that I haven’t worn in a while left me doing the skinny jeans wiggle to get into. I didn’t need much encouraging to realize that I needed to kick myself into high gear and (finally) haul ass to the gym.

I hate the gym. I hate the grunting and people pretending not to scope you out but who secretly throw glances your way.  I hate the fight down for machines. I hate the clanking of weights by the men and I hate the post-workout selfies by the women. IT BLASTED ANNOYING!!!…….but I started back. One evening last week, I gave in to desperation and thankfully I wasn’t going to train that day because I was severely startled by the SHEER AMOUNT of people there that afternoon. Why de hell it had so much people (women) there was beyond me but I figure it has something to do with the fact that Carnival bands launch already and clearly this year’s theme across the board is “Hail to the V”:

10532562_10152551950576163_7037046779607520150_n                 Tribe-Vice

And well of course……



(Photos courtesy Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Costume Photos. For these and more check the page on Facebook here.)

I am sitting out Carnival next year.

So I’m back in the saddle for my own personal fitness and in order to avoid the sycophants, I’m going to the gym in the morning from as early as 5 a.m., a feat never done before but I’ve accomplished three days of rising and getting there by that hour and I’m damn proud of myself. Additionally I don’t feel the pressure in the day to train in between seeing about the gremlinz. The only thing is that when I start back work in September for the new school term, I may have to go even earlier. I have help though. The following video wakes me up every morning. I grabbed the audio and set it as my alarm so I’m roused from sleep by one of the most motivational get-it-done-now exercise speeches I’ve ever heard in my life.  Take a look:

I think at some point my husband will get annoyed hearing this every morning but doesn’t it make you feel like instantly bursting a sweat? I’m getting it done man!

Bless up



I learn so much on the internet eh. Were it not for Facebook I would have never known that today was the International Day of Dance and boyyyy, the amount of people post about it, I think I have to spring clean this rock I’ve clearly been living under.
Dancing is something I’ve always loved, being formally drilled in ballet and modern when I was younger and informally in a lime, in a fete, in my car in traffic, in the kitchen cooking, wherever. Only recently I decided to jump back into dancing in a kinda semi-formal way because you know what? Why not? But more on that in a later post 😀

I’m sharing my all time favourite choreography. Not my favourite song by MJ but definitely my favourite dance track. When I was younger and saw this my first reaction was whyyyyyyyyyyyy am I not in this video??? Particularly from minute 6:14! And I may be one of few, but i prefer this to the classic Thriller sequence not that I don’t love that too. To this day Rememeber the Time is my favourite dance vid with Sean Paul’s Gimme de Light running second. Because face it, after Gimme de Light, dancehall did a 180 and it was level row yuh boat, thunderclap and pon de river in the club.

So take a moment to find your favourite dance track, put it on repeat and just dance!

Happy International Day of Dance!

Bless up


Just Dance!