Christmas Snacking (with a twist) (Blogmas#3)

Mawnin mawnin!

I could have written the conventional post about the many Christmas snacks I enjoy, giving recommendations, tips and recipes but you know me….lemme add a lil bacchanal in de mix.

This post is about a few Christmas nibbles I MUST have in my zone during the season……with a twist. In life you must know what you want and what you absolutely do NOT want.

Now keep in mind half de ting here not healthy since I’m writing about snacks and indulgences that I allow. Yes I know there are ways to make your snacking healthier during the holidays and I know how, but that is a different conversation for another time. These are INDULGENCES people! OK?

Also, all the pictures featured in this blog post are not mine.

COOKIES – I will entertain any type of tasty Christmas cookies that look like this.

(Pioneer Woman leads with intensity)

I doh want this, I feel like I could eat this on a random Tuesday in the car somewhere between the grocery and home:

Where is the effort?

I’m not buying this either:

How do you say ‘Nope’ in Danish?

I’m tired of the gremlinz (and husband) racing to eat all the sugar topped ones and leaving the plain ones in the tin until some time in April. You would think by now the Danes would know to just do a tin with the sugary ones but if such a tin exists already (see what I did there?), let me know.


Top Shelf

This is as welcome today as it was in 1986. Never did there exist a perfect combination of crunch, flavour and memories. Meanwhile….

This is ghetto

Stop it….immediately…..oh geeed.

FRUIT – I love the classics but not when they choke me via the skin or the seed.


I will always have preference for gala apples and seedless grapes:

we are gentle
we are delicate, we do not spit

PRETZELS – I am the only one who is a fan in my house but during this time even my favourite needs a lil zessing:

From bland to BLADOWWW!

MARSHMALLOWS – None shall compare to all iterations under this brand:


There shall be no other options. Life is too short for generic marshmallows.

And finally,


I’m stating emphatically that if it doesn’t fall into the family of any of these:

……AH DOH WANT IT!!!!!!!!

Is Christmas, have a heart!! Leave the others for the rest of the year!!! Everybody gets their chance to shine when it’s their turn, yuh understand!

That’s my list! I want to do one with Trini Christmas foods too, but I feel that one staying in drafts, that is a next level of bacchanal.

So tell me? Did I hit the nail on the head? Or am I off? Let me know what are your favourites! What snack indulgences are you tolerating this season?