Christmas magic! (Blogmas #8)

They say that Christmas is for the children and in some ways I am inclined to agree. The magic and wonder associated with the holiday seems more natural to the children than it is for the adults and despite the misgivings (because adulting is ghetto), I think that is a good thing. Children should beContinue reading “Christmas magic! (Blogmas #8)”

Four Christmas anti-Traditions (Blogmas #7)

Mawnin mawnin! T’is the season for traditions and if it is one thing that Trinbagonians have is a world of traditions , some of which make sense and some we just do for doing it sake. I usually go with the grain but here are four ways that I just do my own thing withContinue reading “Four Christmas anti-Traditions (Blogmas #7)”

Be an earlybird! (A Christmas throwback..) (Blogmas#4)

I wanted to write a post about how I usually attack my Christmas preparations and then I realized I wrote one already, click to read here first. Not much has changed, I am still an earlybird, or try to be, but I am not as MANIC as I used to be about getting everything perfectContinue reading “Be an earlybird! (A Christmas throwback..) (Blogmas#4)”