Self Care is always in Season (Blogmas #10)

So somehow you got caught up in the frenzy of the season, I know how it is trust me. This time of year can throw you terribly off balance, we are of course less than five days away. Pressha!

Here are my simple recommendations below. Short, sweet and to the point so they hit you directly:

  1. Nothing is perfect and that’s ok – Were you aiming to create a splash for the holidays in the areas of clean up, gifting, food, decor or whatever else and fell short? Whatevs….nothing and nobody is perfect and I’m sure that it can be made up at another time and in another way.
  2. Love yourself and nurture your emotions – As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, be kind and gentle
    • with yourself if you don’t feel festive because your feelings are valid
    • to others if you recognize that they are struggling. Affirm them and respect their emotions
  3. Get your alone time – Yes, the season is one that is centred on the family and the human connection but in everything don’t forget to check in on yourself and affirm what matters to you to keep you wholesome
  4. Come out the house – Put some calming distance between yourself and your home if the frenzy is scattering your atoms. Exercise or walk barefoot!……but not too far if you don’t need to because 0m!cr0n is a thing. Be safe.

See! Short and saweeeet! Of course if all else fails to shut out the noise, please feel free to make a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa (and by “tea” and “hot cocoa” I really mean “coffee or wine” because we must recognise greatness….)



Blogmas is here!

Mawnin, mawnin!

Do you smell that?

It smells very much like the:



Yes my people it’s December and this one is about to be a special one as this year I decided to officially jump aboard the Blogmas bus ride! (Now where this bus is going I have not a damn clue but I expect some parang, drinks and a sea bath at the end to congratulate my effort because Lord knows effort it shall be!)

Blogmas is basically blogging on overdrive during the Christmas season whether it is for only a week, 12 days, or every, single day from the 1st to the 25th. It is very popular with bloggers and while I have never participated before in my seven years of blogging, this year I really wanted to challenge myself particularly during this time where I have somehow managed to let my daily life swallow me whole while letting my joys suffer. I have always written blog posts with intention so if I don’t feel the intention, I don’t force it so this Blogmas (ad-)venture is already set to swing that right back around thank God.

I will most definitely NYOT be blogging every day until the 25th as one must remain realistic and honest with oneself, however I am set to publish every other day on the odd numbered days up to the 23rd, giving me exactly twelve days (inclusive of today). Added to this will also be weekend vlogs because clearly, I needed to activate the extra, so be sure to follow me on my social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and even the unruly competition TikTok to catch a glimpse of all that I plan to see, say and do in the lead up to Christmas. Ah trying ah ting, t’is de season they say!

So, if you’ve read this far, many thanks to you, and thanks to all who offered words of support, encouragement and ‘gas up’ when I made the announcement. You all are my tribe fuh real!

See you on Friday for the start!