Bring de cake!

(Google helped me with my Mandarin…) I feel like I can still send you good tidings even if we are still in the 9th month of January and while it may feel old (especially fuh we who crawling to payday), the year is still basically new. Hell, some people are still writing 2021 for theContinue reading “Bring de cake!”

A Christmas Triggered (Blogmas #9)

I have been very positive in my expressions for Christmas holidays but even with my happy thoughts, words and vibes, at the back of my mind I still hold all the people triggered by Christmas for various reasons, who see it as a hurdle that they need to get over. The fact remains that forContinue reading “A Christmas Triggered (Blogmas #9)”

Co-parenting at Christmas (Blogmas #6)

Mawnin mawnin! I came across this viral article over the past couple of days and decided to include my views in my blogmas series because this is an important part of Christmas for some. It may be a tad longer than the usual fare but I hope you read all the way through. Now aContinue reading “Co-parenting at Christmas (Blogmas #6)”