Season’s Greetings! (Blogmas #12)

Mama ah make it!!!!! I completed the 12 days of Blogmas Challenge, blogging for 12 days in December and I feel reallllll proud that I lasted all the way through! Congrats to meeeee!!!! This Challenge wasn’t too difficult even though there were times when I wondered if it was really hitting, but I was gladContinue reading “Season’s Greetings! (Blogmas #12)”

Gratitude is always in season (Blogmas #11)

This Christmas holiday season closes off a year that focused heavily on reflection and purpose and for me as I know for many others, gratitude is a must. Here are some of the reasons that I am grateful for 2021. I am grateful to be alive during a time where a microscopic organism is wipingContinue reading “Gratitude is always in season (Blogmas #11)”

Self Care is always in Season (Blogmas #10)

So somehow you got caught up in the frenzy of the season, I know how it is trust me. This time of year can throw you terribly off balance, we are of course less than five days away. Pressha! Here are my simple recommendations below. Short, sweet and to the point so they hit youContinue reading “Self Care is always in Season (Blogmas #10)”