5 reasons why I vaccinated My Gremlinz

Let me begin by stating that this is not a post to debate the argument for or against the CDC, WHO, CARPHA or whatever other alphabet ‘illuminati’ organisation in charge that exists (and if you live in Trinidad and Tobago throw in any red or yellow three-letter combinations in the mix here too). This isContinue reading “5 reasons why I vaccinated My Gremlinz”

The Guilt…

Here’s the thing about it. A large part of mothering is you feeling like you’re not enough, you’re not being enough and you’re not doing enough. You set your plans, somehow you don’t achieve all that you’ve set out and sleep cannot catch you with your list undone or it will be trouble the nextContinue reading “The Guilt…”


July into August is the time of the year where I focus the most on my relationship with the hubs and more specifically, our marriage. It is the time where we feel the closest, pray, reflect and re-visit memories while making plans for ourselves for the immediate and distant future. As Catholic Christians we observeContinue reading “FIVE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MARRIAGE”