About Trini Mom in D Middle

Let’s see……

My blog was created simply to share relevant stories, opinions, ideas, challenges and quirks from my life as a super average functioning mother in Trinidad and Tobago. It is not specifically an outlet to dish out repeated motherly or parenting advice on how to cope in Trinidad and Tobago or to continuously debate the injustices of the land from my view (which is not to say that these will not be occasionally touched upon 🙂 as we all know every week is something new here!)

I have had many people gently (and forcefully :D) encouraging me to start up a blog to “verbalize” my thoughts, ideas and sometimes diatribes of my daily observations of living in this twin-island nation. I consider myself as an average citizen  but I will be looking at life through the eyes of a thirty-something year old woman, mother of three, wife, secondary school teacher, sister, observer, budgeter, daughter, shopper, voter, catholic, reader, driver, wannabe traveller and many more  -ers that I’m sure will surface as I go along. This is me in the middle of it all.

Bless up

Trini Mom In D Middle


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