About Trini Mom in D Middle

TMIDM was created simply to share relevant stories, opinions, ideas, challenges and quirks from my life as a super average mostly functioning mother in Trinidad and Tobago. 

I have had many people gently (and forcefully :D) encourage me to start up a blog to “verbalize” my most Trini thoughts, ideas and diatribes of my life with my children (who are fondly referred to as my Gremlinz: Son-son, Mam’zelle and Boyo) and my hubby (“hubby”).

I consider myself as an average citizen looking through the lens of an almost forty-year old woman, mother , wife, secondary school teacher, sister, observer, budgeter, daughter, shopper, voter, catholic, reader, writer, wannabe traveller and many more  “-ers” that I’m sure will surface as I go along. So this is me in the middle of it all.


Trini Mom In D Middle


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