Mercy Lord it took me long enough!

Check me out!

I wasn’t feeling the feeling of my blog so I pulled it down to customize, tweak and shift things around, a bit of spring cleaning if you will (while keeping it simple of course). Myself told myself to get this done at least in time for my bloggerversary which by the way:

See how underwhelming those last two lines are? I see you WordPress!

But life then proceeded to point and laugh at me while time kept ticking.

Somehow I felt like I was not being authentic to myself by neglecting my space. I’m damn proud of the longevity of my little blog and the steady watering that makes it bear fruit gives me great joy. Not to mention I was straying farrrrr from my word of 2022 (DISCIPLINE) and the micro-blogging on Instagram and Twitter were not cutting it with all these long form ideas swimming in meh head. So finally I managed to buckle down and get it done.

Is the look perfectly executed as I intended? Not a damn chance with my need for chronic attention to detail, but I decided it was time to release the best of it and continue editing in the background as time goes by, I have words to write dammit…

So I hope you like the revamp! Nothing too out there, just a very crisp and clean look that will invite more peeps to engage. So welcome, go ahead and follow, tell a friend, make yourself at home, feel free to look around, don’t be shy to like what you see and stay for the convo! Follow me for the afterparty on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok for more thoughts (links below!)




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