Be an earlybird! (A Christmas throwback..) (Blogmas#4)

I wanted to write a post about how I usually attack my Christmas preparations and then I realized I wrote one already, click to read here first.

Not much has changed, I am still an earlybird, or try to be, but I am not as MANIC as I used to be about getting everything perfect before December 25th. I don’t insist that every single dust particle be removed from my house and I have no energy for anything beyond what I am willing to do for the sake of my sanity on a particular day. I am definitely not wasting my days, working hard and not enjoying my holiday break as I go along.

So much meaning…

So I will do my thing, catch my worm and savour to the last bite with my family until I have to head back out in the fields again. A damn good idea if I don’t say so mehself.




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