The Guilt…

Photo by Olga Lioncat from Pexels

Here’s the thing about it.

A large part of mothering is you feeling like you’re not enough, you’re not being enough and you’re not doing enough. You set your plans, somehow you don’t achieve all that you’ve set out and sleep cannot catch you with your list undone or it will be trouble the next day.

You forget that while you’re superhuman, you’re only human, imperfect and fallible, needing rest and needing kindness.

How is it that our mental load makes us work ourselves to the bone making sure that others are happy while we leave ourselves for last and still beat up ourselves if we recognize that we could have or should have done better?

That can’t be what mothering is….#momguilt shouldn’t even be a concept…why are we feeling guilty for being human? Does #dadguilt exist and is it as prevalent?


More on this later…



4 thoughts on “The Guilt…

  1. Yes, #dadguilt does exist, but not to the same extent. As a father who worked long hours and had to travel a lot for my job, I felt guilty about not spending enough “quality time” with my kids and about leaving my wife having to share the larger chunk of parenting duties. She sacrificed a lot for the kids and me, and I appreciate her for that.

  2. Mom guilt really is such an odd thing. I’ll be with my kiddo all day every day and annoyed sometimes, but as soon as I’ve spent a good two hours away, I’m ready again even though I know I deserve time away. Sigh.

    1. Yessssss!!!! This morning I told gremlin3 I aint down for his drama today cuz he start earlyyyy😫. He sat quietly by himself with plasticine and Im like I should go play with him, he looks lonely🥺 It’s a vicious cycle. I’m sure you’ve been on date night with hubs and all you do is talk about baby girl….we are in a messed up web😄

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