40 trips around the sun

One more time for the people in the back!…

In case you missed it…

I am the good, wholesome, round number 40 today, and I have been awaiting this day since I turned 39 last year. Praise God I made it! Seriously…..the way things are going…..praise God!

I am embracing the adjective ‘fabulous’ which mankind seems to place hand in hand with turning 40. I could stand to be a little more fabulous oui. Cue Meryl above….

I heard it goes up from here and please Lord let that be true because while my teens craved my twenties and my twenties were deliciously fun, discovering the reality of adulthood in my thirties was rough….and by rough, I mean lame. Adulting = lameness. The lie is absent.

Naturally, like most, I had goals to achieve this year before I turned 40, specifically 40 ‘never been experienced’ ideas/activities that I had carefully laid out. Then Ms. Rona pulled through and everybody get a meggie. I didn’t go back to that list having achieved the bare minimum and truthfully not feeling to go back to the tweaking board because of my pandemic shock. Rather than go over the list though, I will simply make mention here of a couple things that I learnt in my 30s (in random order).

  1. Adulting is lame. (This needed special, repeat mention). Why are we so excited about air fryers? I think that may be the reason I haven’t copped one yet, I feel like it will be the final straw.
  2. Your body will fail you. Where these new aches and pains come from is beyond me and then to discover other peers with aches and pains and then to commiserate over the similarity of said aches and pains….whew😒. Important to also mention is your body taking longer to whip itself back into shape as you may have been accustomed to previously. Truly sickening🙄.
  3. You will make your mental health a priority. It is amazing to consider the period of time I have spent analyzing my thoughts, processing my feelings, reasoning with friends and of course praying and seeking professional help just to make sure I get this adulting thing right in my head. Fun fact: it’s a work in progress.
  4. You will spend countless hours trying to lock down the future. You may spend time worrying about your future, your kids’ futures if you have them and if you don’t, wondering how to keep making your responses polite. You may wonder how long your parents have to live if you have them. You may wonder if your present job will carry you right to the 60 mark.
  5. Those kids will grow up on you. One minute they’re smelling like baby powder, next minute is bass voice, fighting for independent personality and teen angst.
  6. Alone time is critical. Social connections are necessary. Sleep is essential and balance is key, even if you are juggling to maintain the balance. Period.

That last one I’m rolling over into 2021 like the lotto at Christmas time.

I’m really hoping that 40 ushers in a period of advancement in more ways than one. Despite everything I am ever so GRATEFUL to be able to make mention of and to celebrate this day in one piece, hale and healthy. The gratitude extends to my family, friends and most of whom I’ve come across (the rest just have to go with God).

So help me toast my entry into the 40/40 club! I hope the music is good! Happy birthday to me!

📸 https://www.jasonaudain.com/
📸 https://www.jasonaudain.com/

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