Fighting Fear and Finding Faith

So finally! Ta-daaaa!!!

I embarked on the revamp of my identity/blog/socials that I have been putting off for about six months (yes, ah stick for 6 whole calendar months) and it’s finally here!

Welcome to the new look Trini Mom in the Middle, complete with a banging logo, a cleaner look and something I’m really excited about, my new Instagram page!!!👏🏾👏🏾💫💃🏾🥳 Ermagerrdddd, ah could cry!!!😭

Now it really take me long eh.

I go through a roller coaster sometimes when it comes to my blog from wanting to scrap it to wanting to keep going no matter who reads it even if my readership is low. Sometimes I feel like I have a mental block and I lack consistency, other times I have all these thoughts and ideas swirling in my head so I microblog on Facebook and sometimes even there is pressure too. I knew these emotions all boiled down to the F word:

FEARRRR (dun dun dunnnnnn)

As much as I know myself, listen to my tribe and read and infuse myself with the best of affirmations, when insecurities and fear encroach, I look for the wiggle room immediately. This is why it seemed like the easy way out was just to park up, pelt the keys and run. However, you know that still, small voice? It grew louder. I increasingly felt that I needed to develop this aspect of me. So I paused, looked at other blogs, observed other spaces, asked questions and I got some really good advice and guidance. Eventually, I found the faith in me to do what I felt I needed to do for so long.

So now, my new (-ish) blog here and accompanying ramped up social media presence, is me closing my eyes and taking the leap, or at the very least, easing in, waiting for warmth and bravely easing in again.

I’m going to unfurl some great new content that’s going to tie my platforms together and I really hope you guys enjoy it all and engage with me. I’m counting on your community, comments and feedback because I really feel as though this new detour is going to lead somewhere awesome!

So, in case you missed the icons up in my header, like and follow me on Facebook and Instagram….yeah do it now…..I have nothing else to say here except ah real glad allyuh in muh space yunno!!!!! It go be vibes!!(*Kes voice).



(arright go back up and like and follow eh, doh stick😁!)

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