Me Time!

On Sunday gone I attended a truly excellent event hosted by Moms Connect TT titled Me-Time held at the Anchorage, Chaguaramas. It was an occasion for mothers in Trinidad and Tobago to sit back, relax, drink wine, network and forget the cray of motherhood for a few hours. I immediately appreciated this as a selling pitch in a ‘TAKE MY MONEY, GIMME MY TICKET!!!’ kinda way. Of course, the absolute highlight of this event was the attendance and talk given by the one and only Kristina Kuzmic  known as the Truth Bomb Mom, whose viral videos are HIGH-LARIOUS (if you haven’t seen a single one, there’s this classic , this gem and this truly relatable one.)

I dragged another fantabulous mom with me and upon our arrival we were greeted with a swag bag area and then led toward the main event which was so beautifully decorated, I felt like it was a kinda dreamscape. I have no pictures of this part of the event simply because I was in that awe state. That swag bag was larger than usual and then a guy asked to take our pics and then a lady offered a yum spinach roll up thing and then another with wine and then another with cookie bites and then soon enough, our hands were full and we needed a reset. We managed to shuffle stuff around for comfort and then we started walking in earnest.

Now I have been to many ‘all inclusive’ events but none like this. What I mean is that usually an ‘all-inclusive’ would have a smorgasbord of things to sample from before your very eyes, but in this one I felt that I was catered to specifically. The organisers really put effort into ensuring that there were goodies and stations there that a mom would truly appreciate. So from wine, ice cream, cakes and teas to makeup touchups, manicures on the spot, boutique tables, scented candles and hair and body goodies. I particularly liked the Twigs Naturals set up, Mama Bee’s Baby Food and the guy with the drink titled Suspense which I am praying gets picked up by a distributor but at the same time I think he should make all the bottles for me alone, it is that delish!

This event wasn’t all about the freeness (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that 🙂 ), there were also a variety of workshops presented as well. Now we arrived late and only managed to see two of the main workshops but the variety of booths and the information from the exhibitors made up entirely for that. The Latin dancing session by Rico Suave was so enjoyable!!! A lot of moms were front and centre and even Kristina was in the thick of it! Thank God for that Sacha station which I managed to get to in the nick of time only for the makeup guy to question what he deemed the ‘ashyness’ of my face and fix it immediately. It’s a good thing I have a sense of humour yes!

At the main event Kristina looked gorgeous! She was outfitted by the Little Black Dress and slayed to the high heavens! She spoke about her background, how she came to be known as the Truth Bomb Mom, how her parenting skills work for her despite what anyone thinks or has to judge about it. All of this of course injected with her brand of humour which was delightful to witness in person.

We were truly happy to spend our well-deserved Me Time! It was really an event with a genuine feel, light-hearted and happy. We left really open, talking about our gremlinz, our husbys and how we felt about different situations in our own lives. More and more I realize how important it is for mothers in particular to have these kinds of gabs with one another to ease the tension valve so that we all don’t go crazy at the same time. I wholeheartedly congratulate the event organisers Moms Connect TT and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. I will be stalking them with a passion to see what they come up with next. They are THAT good. Here are some pics I took from the event, I didn’t take a lot, didn’t want to take up too much of my Me Time 😀


This drink!  As soon as it hits the shelves I’m stocking about ten bottles.

Giveaways galore!

A work colleague of mine from the Southland always sings praises. Finally I can join the chorus. This was joy in a cup.

Cheers! Well done!!

Bless up



P.S.  Swag

My phone camera was astonished at the amount of stuff hence the blurriness…

Coupons! 😀



4 thoughts on “Me Time!

    1. This event was actually perfect for all women not just mommies! So next event we’ll see you there I hope!!

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