No words for this…

“Look I smoking weed!” I looked at my husband, he looked at me. Casually I asked her still facing front in the car, “what did you say dear?”.  She replied, “I smoking weed!” confirming what I thought I heard and wished I dreamt. Son-son who was having none of it retorted, “Do you even KNOWContinue reading “No words for this…”

My two cents on the 9-day wonder….

Me again! New thoughts have been processing but Lordt hav’ mercy the time! Anyways, here’s one of ‘em… Everything goes through phases in Trinidad and Tobago. The ‘9-day wonder’ we call it where all of our attentions and passions are directed to something for nine days and after that we focus on another topic. TheseContinue reading “My two cents on the 9-day wonder….”