Happy Birthday to me! Or rather Happy Anniversary to me!!!

Yesterday marked one entire year since I decided to launch my adventures and thoughts publicly on the interwebz as Trini Mom In D Middle and I must say it has been a very interesting year thus far. More than a year ago I would not have thought to start a blog and during consideration I was still so wary that I even asked advice from an old school mate who is heavily into media of all forms. She encouraged me so much that if she didn’t I don’t think I would have been here 51 posts later. I can now say fully that all my trepidation about writing has waned somewhat but  I’m still learning!

So this is a big deal for me, a whole year has passed, I haven’t quit or left my blog to totally rot. I knowwwww I could do a bit more posting and to be honest all sorts of things pop into my head and I say to myself “Self, you need to do a post” but sometimes circumstances (and carving out time!) get in the way….still learning!

So thanks for reading the few of you who do, I’m soooo grateful for the support you guys have no idea. Thanks to the peeps who encourage me on my facebook page, thanks to those who also encourage me in my daily travails as well. Here’s to my second year!


Bless up!



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