This mom is…

  • dusting off the cobwebs on this blog
  • really not looking forward to work tomorrow, somebody should patent “Sunday blues”, prepare an antidote, bottle it and sell
  • behind on the technology curve with a cracked Toshiba laptop screen and a busted Samsung S3 and absolutely no pressing desire to fix either one
  • wondering what to pack in lunchkit as a month has almost gone and I’ve used up my Pinspiration
  • very glad that Fall TV has returned and is looking forward to zoning out on primetime or on downloads on aforementioned cracked screen.
  • going to listen to Sweet 100FM all day tomorrow to kick in some Christmas spirit
  • looking forward for Christmas and its associated retail therapy
  • wondering when I will ever get time to fully engage with those books on my Kindle for the sake of my sanity
  • determined to do her part to contribute to society but is growing increasingly frustrated with the part that she is playing and is contemplating a switch/upgrade
  • fed up of what is recurrent and seemingly un-fixable problems in Trinidad
  • praying that it gets better for the sake of her gremlinz
  • happy for George Clooney
  • wondering if she will ever begin her Masters
  • in need of shoes
  • working on Phonics with Mam’zelle
  • wondering if Son-son’s handwriting will improve
  • glad she is not a primary school teacher but is an admirer of their labour
  • hoping that it turns out positively for her neighbour who is currently on his second hunger strike in front of the Prime Minister’s office
  • not happy with how her fudge experiment turned out but will try back again in a few months
  • intent  to blog again soon

Bless up



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