It’s Friday! Time to imbibe!

I’m certain if someone did some qualitative research on drinking on particular days of the week, Friday would be up for honourable mention. A Friday destress would enlist one of the three J’s for me (Jose’ Cuervo, Johnnie Walker <Double Black> or Jack Daniels) or perhaps all three in a notable drink that my husband loves called ‘The Three Wise Men’. However, on this Friday I am home, just finished cleaning, enjoying the rest of my vacay with the gremlinz so I’m heralding the fourth J, JABLUM.

Some time ago I visited Jamaica for a dear friend’s wedding, one of the best mini-vacations thus far. On the way back to Trinidad while waiting to depart I was reminiscing on the crazy fun few days I had and it hit me that the entire Norman Manley International smelled like coffee! Anyone who has departed this Jamaican airport can attest to this, there is a coffee place everywhere! So now anytime I smell coffee, my brain takes me back to my crazy fun Jamaican holiday. I think it’s an associative thing.

On her visit back to Trinidad my friend was mandated to return with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (JABLUM) which is one of the many blends that waft through the airport space. So now with my precious French Press I have my own tools to brew my own potion.


This is only when the I’m-oh-so-relaxed-me-time mood hits whether it be mornings, after lunch, afternoon tea, evenings, but definitely not every day.  This Friday deserves it though.

Bless up


No more Ice in my Bucket

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken over in full flight replacing cat videos, makeup transformations and people lighting themselves on fire.

For those of you peeping from under your rock the challenge is basically to have ice water dumped on you after which you nominate a person or persons to do the same within 24 hours or forfeit and donate to the ALS Association. Or in the case of some celebrities dump the bucket AND donate. Or in the case of Charlie Sheen, put your money where the ice is



The cynics have weighed in arguing the futility of the exercise, once again crying shame on America’s narcissism and willingness to forget epidemics like AIDS, hunger and Ebola to jump on a fad to stay in the spotlight. Others have decried it as a distraction from the terror playing out in Ferguson, Missouri. Even Skeptical Kid has his view on the ‘fake altruism’


Well say what you will but the fact of the matter is, in terms of bringing attention to the disease, it worked. The ALS Association has raised $15.6 million as opposed to the $50,000 it raised in the same period last year and if that isn’t a spike in awareness I don’t know what is. Far be it from me to comment on the uselessness of the activity because now they can actually lobby the pharmaceutical companies to put more effort into creating the medical support that they need.

I have decided to stop watching the videos though. I will admit that I have been a voyeur, waiting to see who could best the rest
(shout to to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, click here and Trinidad and Tobago’s very own Island People Mas, click here) but the video below is the main reason. This is hands down THE BEST rendition of this challenge, the mere reason for the challenge and it is so perfectly summed up that I don’t feel the need to gawk at any more. Take a look at it ALL THE WAY THROUGH.


Here’s to hoping they find a cure for this dreadful disease sooner rather than later.

Bless up






I just gotta say…

Thank God for the birds.


When I attended primary school in Port-of-Spain I had to get up at the rosy hour of 4:30 a.m. to get ready since I live in the east and we all know how loooovely the traffic is on the “East-West corridor” between 6am and 8am. It was not too difficult to  arise from slumber primarily because of a Keskidee  which lived in the lime tree outside my bedroom window. Every morning my sister and I would hear the shrill call and response: ‘Keskideeeeeeee! Keskideeeeeeee!’ which became our complimentary alarm clock courtesy Mother Nature herself.

I currently live in an area filled with fruit trees from mangoes to ‘five-fingers’ (carambola) so naturally there are birds EVERYWHERE. Technically I live in an aviary. My alarm is the track from the Rise and Shine video which I mentioned in a previous post and which basically tells me to get up and haul ass to the gym. By some truly extraordinary event my phone was off and thus no alarm was heard. I woke up on point though and after a moment of panic-realization-hesitation-resignation, I smiled and thanked God for the birds.

Bless up


P.S. If you attended primary school in Trinidad and Tobago in the eighties and experienced the joy of Boyo and Carla in the Republic Reader aaaand had heavy doses of choral speaking fed to you, you would remember this poem:

I know you by your yellow vest
You little keskidee
That suits so well that clean brown coat
That cling so close to thee

The little ring upon your head
That forms a little hat
Why if you stood with all the other birds
I would know you just by that

And if for fun you hide yourself
So that I could not see
I’d know you still, you pretty thing
When you sing…
I hear you sing…


By  OLGA COMMA-MAYNARD (1902-1998)

Random memory recall…..:)




This was so perfectly stated I IMMEDIATELY sent it to whom it applied!

With my gremlinz spending a few days by granny, husband at work and me with ZERO need to leave the house again, in the middle of the quiet I’ve had my mind filled with all manner of thoughts chief of which are my friendships, past, present and future.

I have heard the adage about the three types of friends, those who are around for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I’ve had and appreciated all three as I’ve  never felt a compelling force to keep a book open when it is time for it to be closed, savoured and memories archived. Thankfully I still have very few ‘lifetime’ friends both at home and across the seas who can be counted on for laughter, venting or a kick in the pants when needed. I’ve come to realize that as you get older, the circle gets smaller and soon enough you are comfortable with the intimacy it provides and that’s ok. 🙂

So here’s to the ones tried and true! Until we get old and grey and eating Crix with our dentures and even in the afterlife scaring the shit outta people……


Bless up


Back in the Saddle


So my at home fitness plan isn’t going as well as expected. 😦 It wasn’t totally my fault but I admit I was derailed by laziness and end-of the month eating shenanigans which included outings, a wedding reception and my own wedding anniversary which brought its own version of calories, carbs and fat in the form of a guiltless,well-deserved Italian dinner. My mom was measuring me the other day to sew some work clothes and I (secretly) balked when she wrote down the sizings. Not to mention  pair of pants that I haven’t worn in a while left me doing the skinny jeans wiggle to get into. I didn’t need much encouraging to realize that I needed to kick myself into high gear and (finally) haul ass to the gym.

I hate the gym. I hate the grunting and people pretending not to scope you out but who secretly throw glances your way.  I hate the fight down for machines. I hate the clanking of weights by the men and I hate the post-workout selfies by the women. IT BLASTED ANNOYING!!!…….but I started back. One evening last week, I gave in to desperation and thankfully I wasn’t going to train that day because I was severely startled by the SHEER AMOUNT of people there that afternoon. Why de hell it had so much people (women) there was beyond me but I figure it has something to do with the fact that Carnival bands launch already and clearly this year’s theme across the board is “Hail to the V”:

10532562_10152551950576163_7037046779607520150_n                 Tribe-Vice

And well of course……



(Photos courtesy Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Costume Photos. For these and more check the page on Facebook here.)

I am sitting out Carnival next year.

So I’m back in the saddle for my own personal fitness and in order to avoid the sycophants, I’m going to the gym in the morning from as early as 5 a.m., a feat never done before but I’ve accomplished three days of rising and getting there by that hour and I’m damn proud of myself. Additionally I don’t feel the pressure in the day to train in between seeing about the gremlinz. The only thing is that when I start back work in September for the new school term, I may have to go even earlier. I have help though. The following video wakes me up every morning. I grabbed the audio and set it as my alarm so I’m roused from sleep by one of the most motivational get-it-done-now exercise speeches I’ve ever heard in my life.  Take a look:

I think at some point my husband will get annoyed hearing this every morning but doesn’t it make you feel like instantly bursting a sweat? I’m getting it done man!

Bless up