Working Women

I came across this video today and it just cemented how much I admire the FLOTUS. Michelle Obama comes across so succinctly about the balance that needs to be created for working mothers to succeed in today’s world. What struck out at me is something she said: good employers make good employees. I will workContinue reading “Working Women”

Chuck E. Cheese’s Review

With a catchy slogan and visual imagery of children having the most glorious time being run consistently on cable television, it was inevitable that the gremlinz would be begging me to carry them to Chuck E. Cheese’s.  Of course my focused reply would be “Of course! Whenever we go to the States!” This would beContinue reading “Chuck E. Cheese’s Review”


Material used to start a fire or consequence of withdrawal symptoms felt after substance abuse, both adaptable to  how I feel about reading. For as long as I know myself I have been an avid reader. My younger sister and I have spent hours into days pouring over novels, magazines and comics relentlessly. I remember back inContinue reading “Kindling…”