And Counting…..(part 2)

Ok so it’s been over a week since my last post and with good reason. I have been dog tired to the point where in the evenings I couldn’t even open my eyes far less my laptop. I have just been doing the bare minimum preparation for the next day and although the end of the tunnel is near (July-August holidays) the light still seems further away than usual. So the good folks at SomeeCards are completely right:



As I may have mentioned before, in addition to mommy chores at home and ‘mommy chores’ at work, a large part of this has to do with the distance I drive to and from every day. It is approximately 30 km to go and 30 km to return and apparently for most, if not all, first-time appointments in the Ministry of Education this is perfectly normal from ever since. So if you live Carenage, the “only space available” is Princes Town, and if you live Penal, the “only space available” is Matelot. You take the position because you want to work, you need to work and like my mother advised, “you need to get your foot in the door”. This is a reality for many of us in the middle who have mouths to feed and can’t simply afford to wait for the works of fate and all the bricks falling into the right place. So you sacrifice until you get that precious transfer which is a whoooooole other kettle of fish boiling with politics, miscommunication, delays, bureaucracy and plain idiocy.

Many people I’ve spoken to are usually aghast when I mention where I work, others say “well yeah dais a nice drive” and I agree. It is a nice drive for a Sunday…maybe every Sunday…..






That last one there is my view from work in the carpark and yes it is a nice drive and yes the view is sublime but not…every…day……I’m thankful that I have co-workers to keep me company most times but it can really take a toll especially now nearing the end of the term. Last week a police officer stopped me by the junction in Valencia because he ‘thought I looked like something was wrong’. My head was leaned on the window pane and with my facial expression, he probably thought I was contemplating a misdemeanor. When I get home after an hour and a half of ‘zombie-driving’, picking up the gremz and listening to the tales in primary school-land, I usually roll out of my car when I get home.  Thank God they are big enough to take turns to jump out and open the gate.

The sad thing about this is that usually  I don’t even allow myself time to rest when I get home. My twisted logic dictates that I keep going when I reach, so I sometimes I will still be in work clothes all 6-7pm in the kitchen, helping with homework, still spinning….until I bathe and crash. In the past week it wasn’t so. I came home and sat. I came home and lay down. I contemplated bathing (*gasp!). I slept at 8 o clock. I deferred supervision of homework and study unless it was realllllly necessary (thankfully it wasn’t!) and today Saturday I am in bed, deciding which of my chores are realllly vital and which could hol’ ah burn til next week.


So I’ve decided for the sake of my health and sanity, I’m letting THAT particular title go until I can take up the mantle again. In the meanwhile I’m still counting down…

Sidenote: Is it just just me or does anyone else feel like they can get every single thought-process summarized in a SomeeCard? Pure genius!

Bless up.






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