And Counting…..(part 1)

This evening I came home, sat in my gallery, listened to the birds and stared at my dog Castro (a truly gentle soul befitting of the name).

I was trying to release the day but somehow my brain thinks that “releasing the day” means “fervently studying the plans for the next day”. So in the middle of trying to create a reverie, I started wondering what to mix and match to wear to work, how to vary one lucky student’s torture of a lunchtime detention and how to get those Form 3s to realize they actually have National Exam in a few weeks. Today really felt like a Wednesday, haunted and humpy, just in the middle and neither forward nor backward until I realized that today is the Wednesday in between Week 5 and Week 6 of an 11-week term. In other words: Dear Teacher, almost half down, half to go.

I should have known this feeling was near since for the past few days the gremz have been eating packaged salted and sweetened snacks from Holiday Foods, Sunshine Snacks, Bermudez, Kiss and the like. I started off the term very well trying to vary with fruit and inventive stuff like Lunchbox Dad (who by the way makes me feel like a lesser mortal, far less mother).


I’m not an artist but I took his cue and did well enough, but honestly I knew it wasn’t gong to last too long. I applaud him though jeez.

Lunch reflects a pattern as well consisting of bread and (insert filling here):

What you want for lunch? Bread and………?

I want cheesepaste!

Ughhh, so much work!!!


Cool! You?

Fried egg and sausage?

Nah! Too much work. I’ll do it Saturday.


There ya go! Ting to cut and spread quick man!

As for me I’ve been eating random frozen foods like Jamaican patties that could fling quick in the microwave and be called George. Doh talk for the husby, hm!…poor fella probably wondering why since Mother’s Day this woman get so delinquent during the week.

Now before the judgy Janices and Jacintas jump on meh case, I will hasten to add that the gremlinz love sandwiches and I’m usually stocked with assorted things to put between two slices of bread. They also eat after-school snacks like jelly cups, rolls, croissants and pizzas and of course maintain their juice and water intake. That, I will take the time to do but I think mentally my brain is winding all the way down even though it’s only week 5. I’m wrapping up curriculum, seeing Form 5s in exams and hearing summer jams on the radio. Not to mention the distance to work REALLLL getting on my nerves now (more on that later). Therefore, with regards to lunch kit prep  I want it easy, quick and not too much at the expense of their health and my pocket. So one sandwich, an Orchard, Kiss Goodie and some chips in a sandwich bag is in order and will kill noone. Le sigh, I will jump back on the Super Mom train soon enough man, no worries! 😀

Bless up



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