Dear Ms. Dana…

I didn’t know you but somehow your death has resonated with me. “Ordinary” murders are met with a measure of momentary concern on my part and the news cycle has made me somewhat jaded especially when it comes to anything with the label “gang related”. The manner in which you were “assassinated” struck me as colossal though. I was getting ready for church and in an idle moment, absent-mindedly scanned my timeline. Your face was at the very top of my feed and the greatest feeling of dread lifted the hairs on my arms and my neck. I felt winded so I could never imagine that moment when you realized that all of it would soon end. All of the work you have done, all of the work you were doing would be left to your legacy and to be eulogized in your remembrance. I interceded peace for you when I got to church and I will keep praying for your eternal rest.

You have left me thinking. 

I have listened to you speak on a variety of topics and I have read your articles which were so incredibly insightful and digestible! I’m glad you were that intelligent and fearless and better than that, that you took the time to share your wealth of knowledge and expertise to the generations of lawyers that followed in your footsteps. I sincerely hope that they all turn out to be as brave as you, ethics before fortune, risks included, prosecuting for the sake of our country. But you know they can’t do it alone. The lawyers, the police, the jurists alone can’t bear the burden of getting it under control. I wonder if you ever felt like that? Like on a rough day you think ‘oh hell man! why won’t people just behave dey blasted self so my job could be easier?’ (Sigh, you see why I would make a bad lawyer?)

Ms. Dana this crime situation runs so deep, did you ever feel like you could honestly make a huge dent based on your life’s work? Put away the bad guys and make an example. I heard on the radio that your death erupted cheers and celebration in Golden Grove. You could imagine that? But you know, because of the way in which you died, some people thinking differently now about who the criminals are and what kinda beasts out there walking around in human form. People starting to worry because it was you, so it could have been any one of us “ordinary” folk. Did you think you were weighted by damning secrets about crime that would cripple the whole system or the whole underworld? Did you carry a heavy burden that would need a release valve often in games of chance? I don’t blame you nah, that’s a lot for you to bear you know….and in any case everybody has a vice.

People are alleging that your assassination was political, military, drug-related, kidnapping-related, gambling-related all kinda thing. I’m sorry to say but I don’t think we’ll ever know. I’m not saying that the police who have solved less than 10 out of the 150 murders for the year, will not be able to solve yours eh. But I think they up against a lot, chief of which is an unwilling populace. You think people know the power they have? And better than that, how to exercise it to take back our land? They say they’re waiting on the government like any government could EVER have “an answer for crime” or a “crime plan”. Doesn’t lawlessness engender crime? Aren’t we a lawless people? Looking out for our own, doing what we want, paying for driver’s licenses, forging certificates, taking land not belonging to us, cussing, pushing, rushing, hustling….one crab on top the next…and oh Lord doh talk bout the children….

I could have never been a lawyer, It’s intense and I don’t have the drive, passion and commitment for it like you. But I admire what you’ve done. I think I could only do what I can in my circle of influence which is to stop the lawlessness and to impress upon my students and my young people to exercise the same. I can’t do it big like you and the other eagles who fly on your level. My passion is to arrest the criminal manifestations and machinations from the seedlings. The adults are far gone for me and it’s the only way I am able to do my part. Maybe it can be a reshaping of a new future because I realllll worried about the kind of Trinidad my gremlinz will grow up in if today or tomorrow I close my eyes as well. I hope it is enough yes Ms. Dana, I hope your death was not in vain.


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