If You Fail to Prepare….

There is some conventional wisdom somewhere that states that once you plan and prepare for something, that it unfolds neatly as it should. Having been a repeated victim of the law according to Murphy, I tend to respectfully disagree. However since the new school term started today, I decided to ensure that I have most, if not all of my bases covered at night so that I don’t get the headless chicken feeling in the mornings anymore before my work commute. This started to affect the gremlinz too eh, on one occasion Son-Son said I was giving him too many orders so he got confused and school shoes to go across by Grandma remained at home.

So this evening I said to myself, self, it’s time to cook and put away for the week. This idea sounded better in my head because when I opened the cupboard I was stuck for a bit. Now……..iz de week before pay and I am coming off a vacation where money spend for all kinda Easter vacay tra la la. Everybody employed under the government of this twin isle know what “de week before pay” is like in your purse and wallet. Sometimes some of us doh bother to open the purse and head for the wallet 😉  You ever ask anybody (or sometimes nobody in particular) “when is pay?” “we get pay?” “(insert bank here) get pay?” “salary come?” Or is this strictly for teachers? Anywayyy, needless to say I have varying odds and ends for ingredients but not a “meal” (channa, jello, cornmeal, vanilla essence….rice…..) but I home already so I not going back out in the grocery and I MUST find something dammit. I spotted the split peas and I know for a fact that the end of curry duck from a buss-up still in the freezer so is rice, dhal, duck. Boom. Lunch.

On the stove I have rice, split peas and duck reheating, I step away for a five and come back to see burner reading high but flame flickering low (“Waiz de scene Murphy?”). I shake the 20lb gas cylinder and it rocks easily left to right. Sigh. The flame dying mirrored my cooking zeal and I know for a fact I’m not going anywhere to get any gas. So the dhal buss, the duck reheated enough but the dying gas-juice went to the rice. That rice sit down in water on top a ridiculously low flame for a good 20 minutes, and Son-Son was on “shake-cylinder” duty until the “voop” came…….It finished well enough and I  guess the duck has enough curry sauce, that could eat oui! But tell me that this has NEVER happened to you, at least in the kitchen……what were you preparing? Bread? Pie? Pelau? Black cake? If something can go wrong, there’s a window for it to go wrong despite your best of intentions. But how are you gonna kick yourself into gear again? How badly do you want it?


Bless up


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