This is an early greeting to wish each and every one of you a very happy and holy Easter holiday! No matter your religion or faith, spend some time with friends and/or family and also take the time to dress back and think about what truly makes you feel alive and resurrected. I spent the day with my mom today who was in a baking frenzy of sorts. She is a kitchen person…me? Not so much…..I like it but I don’t loooove it…

I was helping her paint finishing touches on a huge cake and icing other cakes as well. That was a niche I rediscovered, the patience to sit and do small “projects”, things or activities that command but don’t demand my attention or too much of a long while: small paintings or colouring with Mam’zelle, crossword puzzles, making a small garden, doodling and stippling, using that Duolingo language app (it’s awesome!), idly browsing Pinterest for travel locales that I dream about….you will be surprised how these simple joys can impact positively on your soul and as they say, take time to do what makes your soul happy! So try to resurrect yourself despite whatever turns your life is taking since as I heard recently, you have to go through your Good Friday to get to your Easter Sunday!

Bless up






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