Not Your Regularly Scheduled Programming


Raise your hand if every night at seven o’clock your parents made you sit on the couch or on the floor to watch a distinguished gentleman by the name of Dominic Kalipersad report all the goings-on in Trinidad and Tobago for the day…..ok…hands down….

Now I don’t really ‘watch’ news at 7 per se..I have enough updates coming to me on Facebook from the different channels and my commute to work allows me at least two newscasts on the radio, morning and evening. So by 7pm I done know what happen already and at that time I’m usually in the kitchen. But since I’m on holiday, last night I sat with hubby and the gremlinz to watch the TV6 news. Well lawd…..after a while I had to tell him to mute the broadcast and then eventually tell them to go play somewhere because from the time I hear ‘nipples’ and ‘he touched my penis’ and I looked at the quizzical expression on Son-son’s face, we had to do some damage control.

Now Mr. Dominic Kalipersad, Head of News for TV6, I have a couple of concerns……when did TV6 news get like Falcon Crest on a Friday night when I had to peep behind a wall or some people had to watch through a crack in a door? I understand you want to be “hard-hitting” and get down to the truth and all that but you should have given me some kinda warning…a blip saying ‘material not suitable for children’ or did I miss that? What was the real purpose of the report because quite frankly I have more questions for the man who wants to ‘out’ the Minister who simply wants a public apology. There is a valid question of morality in public office but is that question that the Minister should not be a homosexual? Did these actions happen in public? In a government building? Is he married, or has kids, or cheating on somebody? Was the man and the Minister in a previous consensual relationship and then things went south? Because I mean they were emailing each other back and forth. And tonight in your People Meter you referred to him as ‘vulnerable’ and I have some issue with that as well. How vulnerable is he who allowed this to happen twice and as far as I see is  just jumping on the ‘cripple Kamla and dem’ bandwagon?

I am by no means for or against the PP government. I am for common sense, logic and pure understanding of national events as they unfold before me. Mr. Kalipersad your newscast didn’t help and now I have to vet it before my gremlins watch it like those shows on the Disney channel. It was salacious because my jaw was on the ground and you know what? I miss Panorama even though I used to hate being forced to watch it every night for my academic and worldly advancement. But this is not TTT.

Bless up


P.S. I’m still waiting on one of your in-depth, week-long, ‘hard-hitting’ reports on young Brandon Hargreaves who died under questionable circumstances at the St. Michael’s Home for Boys. Anytime now….


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