Well I so happyyy! Twenty-nine friends on Facebook and counting! Woot woot!!! I’m hoping for more eh so tell your friends and famalayyyy!!! Thanks to each and every one of you including those who offered me help and guidance today! Most appreciated, ya’ll don’t know!

So the rest of my trepidation has definitely been relieved and I’m going hard. To prove it, when all started falling in line today, yuh girl crossing social networks and ting, Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ song started playing. When it was done I was sweating vigorously (what is it about that song jeezanages!) 

So click +Follow at the top of the blog there nah. I’ve also created a page so please click Like! I’ll be updating regularly with pages, links and good info!! Thanks again!

Bless up


When you find your path, trust God and follow it without asking questions – Paulo Coehlo (The Fifth Mountain)


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