ImageMothers tend to cherish their “me” time, no matter how little or long it may be. It could be a day at the spa or ten minutes locked in the bathroom with a small container of Haagen Dazs (Salted Caramel….don’t judge me…..). I was understandably glad when one of my closest friends who appreciates my need to get out sometimes, presented an opportunity to attend a fashion show at NAPA. Once the initial dread of wha de hell to wear was over and done with (Dress Code: Runway Ready!!…-_-…) and I ensured that the fam was rested and fed, I was ready to pump.

The fashion show was hosted by Simply Runway Accents ( in collaboration with the UTT Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design and it was basically a competition among five designers, three of whom would each win one months free rental space at Grand Bazaar. From what I saw the designs were top notch of course with some questionable ones here and there but what i really know bout fashion and having ‘the eye’? Additionally for some of the options the price shot wayyyyy over a grand but again, they may have their clientele. Not me papa….I will have to save a bit and ‘reassign funding’ as they say. What was evident however was the passion of the designers in getting their lines out in flesh on the runway, a dream that I suppose does not usually happen. Congrats to the winners! Relentless in following the dream man!!!

Now when I returned home my two gremlins (hereafter referred to individually as Son-Son (8 y.o.) and Mam’zelle (5 y.o) greeted me with the usual pleasantries but then started the “ah hongree” mantra……now…..i don’t mind yuh hongree….iz a human emotion….but why in the name of (insert name here) you wait for ME to reach home to ask me for something to eat???? Was there not another adult at home?? I proceeded to glare at the other adult (hereafter referred to as Pops) because as far as I know, I leave everybody rested and fed and in any case the Sunday food remain outside! Fix up! Pops say he ask and they didn’t want anything……-_-… Apparently the gremz realized they were hongreeee when I came home. Well I never cut two piece ah macaroni pie so fast and with steupsing and grumbling…they too ridiculous sometimes man..they relentless!!!!


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