Welcome to Trini Mom in D Middle!!! Well let me tell you first off the bat that this is long overdue as I have had many people gently (and forcefully :D) encouraging me to start up a blog to “verbalize” my thoughts, ideas and sometimes diatribes of my daily observations of living in Trinidad and Tobago.  Now there are MANY blogs and posts about many different aspects of this sweet nation (we are bombarding social media!!!) but my eyes are those of a thirty-something year old woman, mother of two, wife, secondary school teacher, sister, budgeter, daughter, voter, catholic rasta, driver, inbetween-undergrad-and-post-grad-er, wannabe traveller and many more  -ers that I’m sure will surface as I go along! So I hope you find it interesting as I’m going to blog about everything from the price of peanut butter to how d politics get so outta hand to why it so damn hard to get a child in primary school dese days! 

Thanks for your interest! Here I go! 🙂



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